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Even though Muslims were in power because Umar (RA) who was so brave that no one could have the courage to resist him. But, Muhammad (SAW) strategically signed ...

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Eventually, the female-camel stopped at that point which was the property of two orphan brothers, known as Sahal and Suhayl. ...

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As the people of Medina were being informed the migration of Muhammad (SAW), their faith had become more resolute....

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This was the Battle in which God directly divinely intercede through the angels. Counted Muslims simultaneously defeated the uncounted disbelievers of Mecca....

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Plenty of people make their arrangements in such a way that they can get both aims such as execution of Umrah and Islamic realities by the relics through the Is...

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Prophet Muhammad (SAW) spent ten years of life and in this period many important events such as construction of Masjid Nabwi, brotherhood between Muhajireen and...

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At the time of performing Umrah, many people show the term of Shirk at the time of kissing the Black Stone....

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Some Muslims tribes did not want to kiss the Black Stone as considering it to Shirk. But the kissing of Black Stone could not be ignored or should not consider ...

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