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We are delighted to introduce our all new Fit & Lean program. As a personal trainer battersea & clapham, I am really excited to present our take on small group ...

3gymclapham2019-03-220Health 10

Hiring a personal trainer Clapham alone, will not necessarily solve your health and fitness problems. The investment is not purely financial. A certain amount o...

3gymclapham2019-03-150Health 00

They are more to do with what kind of assistance and programme you need and whether personal training is the right service for you. ...

4gymclapham2019-03-150Health 00

Muscles, when tested and pushed, become stronger by adapting to the stimulus they are presented with...

3gymclapham2019-03-150Health 00

As we age we need to focus on training smarter and more efficiently, not slowing down. ...

4gymclapham2019-03-140Health 00

According to research, we often associate music with memories and the context within which we first heard the music....

4gymclapham2019-03-140Health 00

A measurable goal will help you to track your progress and how effective your programme is....

3gymclapham2019-03-140Health 00

The benefits of working out with weights are huge, regardless of age or level of fitness. If you find yourself making a bee-line for the treadmill at each gym v...

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