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If you use a light duty extension power cord with a heavy appliance, it may end up consuming exceeding power....

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View recent posts by Sf Cable, Inc on their Trepup Timeline. See and share product offers, job openings, event details and the latest news and updates, arranged...

0sfcable2019-02-260Business 00

HDMI cables play a vital role when you watch your favorite series online. To ensure the smooth working, here is a list of indications tell you that it’s time ...

0sfcable2019-02-250Business 00

Get some cable management tips to hide wires all around your home in a safe way and decorating the ones you can't keep out of sight. ...

0sfcable2019-02-220Business 00

DisplayPorts cables render a nice display interface for computers devices. When you look for buying options, consider these tips to chose the right type of cabl...

0sfcable2019-02-210Business 00

USB ports have become a go-to source of data transfer. Here is all the history explained about its generations in detail. ...

0sfcable2019-02-190Business 00

A power cord is an important component for all the cord connected electrical devices. Here’s a breakdown to its connection types and regulatory issues. ...

0sfcable2019-02-180Business 00

This article explains all the details about their making and working mechanics. ...

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