6MedQPillBox2018-12-070Health 00

It’s good to buy the Med-Q medication alarm clock coming attached with pill dispenser only if the person taking the medicine is able to remember what the alar...

3MedQPillBox2018-10-260Health 00

Med-Q pill reminder reminds the user to take their medications with a series of optional visual and/or auditory alerts. ...

4MedQPillBox2018-08-240Business 00

Keeping ease-of-use in mind, Med-Q smart pill box alarm system is designed with feature friendly and simple interfaces for elderly individuals. ...

5MedQPillBox2018-08-240Business 00

The Med-Q weekly pill box alarm has been helping the senior community to avoid forgetting pills and supplements, miss dosing on lifesaving prescriptions etc. ...

39MedQPillBox2018-06-130Business 00

Med-Q pill reminder boxes can be filled for several weeks depending on the number of dosages per day. Many chronically ill patients are on complicated drug regi...




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