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The Conversa Conversation PlatformTM delivers scalable, flexible and fully-automated virtual care that helps monitor, manage, and engage patient populations...

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CureAssist is one such AI-powered on-demand assessment & remote diagnostics platform, which enables users, regardless of their location to get first level...

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Healthymize provides personalized, artificial intelligence (AI) based, voice monitoring that turns smart devices into remote patient monitoring devices.....

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Hindsait is a Delaware incorporated C-Corp. The company’s Artificial Intelligence platform enables payers and benefit managers to improve quality of care...

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iCarbonX is a technology company, combining advances in artificial intelligence, disease management, multiomics, and immuneomic profile technology...

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Euthanasia, a word associated with morality, ethics, controversies, arguments, and so much more, has been a good and bad story of many people’s life....

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Innovation is inevitable for an industry to flourish. In the Healthcare Industry, innovation is measured in terms design and development of devices.....

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Over the last few decades, the global healthcare industry is on a high by the unique confluence of innovative technologies and investments trends....

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