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Overall, simulation technology when used in the clinical trials training is of great importance for rectifying the errors and assessing the proficiency of the t...

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Pro-ficiency transforms your study training from an ineffective cost center to a powerful performance management system....

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Clinical trials are experiments or research, which are performed on the human participants that aims at evaluating new medical, surgical, or behavioral interven...

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Pro-ficiency provides a comprehensive human performance improvement system for clinical trials. ...

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Pro-ficiency has a very strong presence in the marketplace With an aim to make clinical trials successful and cost-effective....

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Pro-ficiency, the simulation training company for clinical trials, will be at the 2019 SCOPE conference in Orlando Florida....

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In order to improve the aforesaid success rate, pharmaceutical companies can make use of Simulation training for clinical trials. ...

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Our simulations provide the necessary training to the research professionals to deal with the sites and subjects in an efficient manner. ...

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